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The Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding To The Mother

Breastfeeding is very beneficial to the mother and not only to the baby but unfortunately many mothers are unaware of this fact so they tend to give up breast feeding and feed their babies milk formula thinking that breastfeeding may interfere with the way they want their bodies to look,

some other mothers just don’t have the time to commit to breastfeeding and that is why they feed their babies formula, the reasons mothers tend to give up breastfeeding are many, but learning about the benefits will surely motivate you to breastfeed your child despite the circumstances, fund out how breastfeeding can benefit the mother on the long term below.

1- Protection Against Breast Cancer.
Breastfeeding mothers were found to be 25% less likely to develop breast cancer later in their lives, the longer you breastfeed the better your chances are of not developing breast cancer.

2- Protection Against Ovarian And Uterine Cancer.
This is another reason breastfeeding is very important for the woman’s health, not only the risk of breast cancer is significantly reduced by breastfeeding but also Ovarian and Uterine Cancer that is because breastfeeding reduce the levels of estrogen in the body which is considered to be responsible for the formation of breast, Uterine and Ovarian cancer

3- Protection From Postpartum Depression.
Mothers often get depressed after childbirth however breastfeeding provide a protection against this depression and stress that affect the mother soon after childbirth.

4- Works As A Natural Birth Control method.
As I mentioned earlier while breastfeeding the woman’s body produce less estrogen which is the hormone that is responsible for ovulation, of no ovulation is happening then there is no chance for conceiving so you won’t need to fill your body with all the chemicals in the birth control pills if you are breastfeeding.

The Health Benefits Of Breastfeeding To The Mother

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