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When Your Headaches Become A Sign Of Danger

Headaches are a common disorder of the central nervous system that most everybody suffered from from time to time and away from affecting your mood and energy levels they are normal and harmless,

however there are times when headaches can be indicators or an alarming sign for an underlaying health condition that shouldn’t be ignored, here’s how you can tell that your headaches are a sign of danger.

1- Disruptive First Headache with Vision Impairment.

It usually struck suddenly and is very painful all of a sudden with Vision problems, it happens when the arteries in your head specially those in your temples get inflammated, this headache is usually throbbing and persistent , it occurs in the upper neck area in the back of the head behind the eyes.

2- Thunderclap Headache.

As the name suggests, this headache is characterized by a sudden strike of pain the feels like a thunder bolt, and it intensify within 60 seconds then subside gradually within an hour, this could be a symptom of subarachnoid hemorrhage which is a fetal situation in which the arteries in the brain become inflamated and swollen which cause them to rupture suddenly and cause internal bleeding in the head.

3- Headache Associated With Neck and Face Pain.

Carotid arteries are those delivering blood from your heart to your face, neck , ears and head, usually one of those four arteries get a small rupture which causes blood leaks that separate between those arteries, and the blood accumulate, it forms clots and prevent the blood flow to the brain which leads eventually to a stroke.

4- Headaches With Stiff Neck.

Meningitis is a condition that affects certain membranes that cover the brain and cause them to get inflamated, this can be a fetal condition and is charechtarized by a shooting pain in the head that is associated with stiffness in the neck.

Headaches Become A Sign Of Danger

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