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Harms You Didn’t Know about Oranges

Oranges are infamous for their benefits that include being rich with vitamin C and having refreshing properties. However, you cannot include oranges in a diet to replace other nutritious elements as this will harm you in several aspects. In case you are eating oranges for weight loss or to maintain general health, you will have to reconsider your consider your choice after reading this.

1. Oranges have insufficient fiber amounts

Fibers are essential elements in all diets as they help in maintaining blood cholesterol, blood sugar levels and peristalsis. Unfortunately, oranges contain minute amounts of fibers. This means you cannot eat oranges instead of fiber rich foods such as leafy greens and whole grains.

2. Oranges have no fats

Although this sounds like an advantage for weight loss, it is dangerous to be on a zero fat diet. Healthy fats are needed for the absorption of certain vitamins, clotting of blood on scars, and development of the brain. You can intake these healthy fats with the use of olive oil and snacking on nuts.

3. Oranges contain low amounts of protein

Proteins compose only 1% of an orange which means that you have to eat an awful lot of oranges in order to get sufficient proteins. Proteins are essential for regenerating skin cells and for maintaining muscle mass. A protein filled diets are fulfilling and thus doesn’t make you overeat.

4. Oranges are filled with sugar

In terms of sugar, oranges are certainly better than a candy bar. However, they contain a good amount of sugars which you need to take care of if you suffer from a blood sugar problem or are afraid from tooth decay. This high sugar content can also affect your weight loss target by slowing the process.

To conclude, oranges have various benefits but they cannot be the only things to include in a diet.

Harms You Didn’t Know about Oranges

Harms You Didn't Know about Oranges

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