Harmful Beauty Tips You Must Not Follow

You hear beauty tips from everywhere like friends, magazines and the internet. Since these tips are usually not said by professionals, you might be face ineffective tips, or even worse, tips that are dangerous for your beauty and health. Stay safe and avoid hazardous beauty hacks such as the following:

1. Removing Blackheads with Glue

The tip advices you to put white glue on your nose and peel it off when dry to remove blackheads. This method is not very effective because your skin needs to be steamed as done in spas to remove blackheads. Moreover, glue is not supposed to be used on skin because of its toxic chemicals and it makes skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

2. Vodka as Toner

In this beauty hack, vodka is used as a toner for tightening pores. Vodka, and other alcohols, should not be applied on skin as they have inflammatory effects. In case you had acne, the drying effect of alcohol can aggravate the problem because dehydration rids the skin of its natural barrier and allow more bacteria to penetrate through.

3. Toothpaste for Pimples

The use of white toothpaste to treat different pimples has been recommended a lot. Stay away from this beauty tip because the sodium laurel sulfate and the tough antibacterial content of toothpaste would irritate your skin. Some toothpaste brands even contain sugars which will encourage the growth of bacteria in acne.

4. Cat Litter as a Face Mask

There is an advice that recommends making a cat litter product into a paste with water to use as a facial instead of pricey clay masks. This is an awful alternative because kitty litter mask does not only over dry facial skin; it also contains harmful aluminum silicate which contributes to neurotoxicity and pulmonary disease. It is better to look for affordable natural clay masks for your face.

Harmful Beauty Tips You Must Not Follow

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