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4 Handy Tips to Stop Your Child from Hitting and Biting Others

It is really a disturbing and embarrassing scenario when parents find other parents complaining to them of their child’s behavior, especially if he tends to bite or hit others. It has no relation of course to babies biting and hitting, since their only way of discovering and learning is through their hands and mouths.

Children biting and hitting is a form of aggression and misconduct that should be dealt with properly.

1- Sometimes parents bite back their biting children to show them that biting hurts. DON’T do that. You are just confusing the child and showing him that biting is okay for some but bad for others. And he wouldn’t understand why you are biting if biting is so bad.

2- Try to find out the reason or more definitely the trigger that lead to biting. Biting might be a defense mechanism some children apply when feeling threatened in certain situations. For example, Some children suffer from not-so-apparent learning difficulties, and when they don’t know why they are not achieving as good or as fast as others, they resort to hitting and biting.

3- Talk to a biting child and tell him that biting is wrong, unsanitary and it hurts others. Make him fully understand that such a behavior cannot go unpunished and shall be given the time-out punishment (you should already know this, but time-out is when a child sits for an amount of time somewhere alone to reflect on what he has done).

4- Teach him to use his words instead of his teeth and hands. If the child is in a situation that might trigger biting and hitting tell him to express what bothers him. Instead of biting his brother for taking his toy, he should express dissatisfaction instead by saying: “I don’t want to share may toy with you. I think you will break it”.

Tips to Stop Your Child from Hitting and Biting Others

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