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10 Handy Tips to Lose 5kgs without a Diet

Do you suffer from weight gain and find it difficult to follow a diet? Do you hate the unsightly flabs on your body? Do not worry! There are millions of people who have the same problem but this does not mean that you should give up your dreams of a slim body. There are some tips – or you could call them tricks – that will help you lose at least 5kgs within 6 weeks:

1. Drink two glasses of water before having breakfast. The point is not just to fill your stomach and create a feeling of fullness..

2. Drink water mixed with the juice of one lemon since lemon is a fat-burning element. Make sure to include fresh lemon juice and peel into your food as much as possible.

3. You better eat your breakfast before 10 a.m. The best time to take your breakfast is after sunrise or at least before 10 a.m. No matter what, make sure you do not skip on breakfast.

4. If you cannot stop eating candies, eat them at breakfast in the least amount possible. Low-calorie desserts such as dark chocolate and jellow are healthy and can curb your cravings as well.

5. Before having lunch, drink two glasses of water because water help control your appetite and reduce the amount of food without feeling hungry.

6. Try as possible to reduce the amount of salt in your food, and if you do not like its taste add a few drops of lemon.

7. Add seasonings to your food since they stimulate fat-burning. Cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, chilli powder and ginger are spices that can stimulate fat burning.

8. Stop using margarine or vegetable oils instead in your food. If you really need to use fat in your food, use either butter or virgin olive oil.

9. Set a fixed schedule for your meals and do not eat three hours before going to bed.

10. Whenever you feel hungry in other times, you can drink two glasses of water and eat a cup of yogurt.

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you will lose at least 5kgs within a month and a half.

10 Handy Tips to Lose 5kgs without a Diet

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