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5 Handy Tips That Can Help You become Much Wiser

First of all why did I say “much wiser” not “much smarter”? In other terms, what is the difference between being wise and being intelligent? While being intelligent means you have a high IQ, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are living a better life because of it. On the other hand, you could have average intelligence and are considered a really wise person. Here is how to be such a wise person.

1- Admit your faults. Not admitting your faults is a sign of pride, and pride is an abhorred sin in so many religions. Moreover, humans learn from recognizing their mistakes, and not admitting them, means you are one of the very few who are stupid enough not to learn from their mistakes.

2- One of the methods that could enable you to become much wiser person is communication with others. With communication, you receive knowledge and experiences that are free, yet very valuable. You also gain the ability to put yourself in others’ shoes, see through their eyes and thus become much wiser.

3- Try to forgive and make excuses for others mistakes, within reason. If someone has wronged you, try to forgive them and think things like, “maybe he has a situation at home”, “maybe she is sick” etc. This is sympathy, and it is a very important skill if you are aiming towards becoming a much wiser person.

4- Even if they are damn depressing, and the commercials that interject them are damn annoying, listen to the news! This enlarges the circle that binds your knowledge and principles, and certainly makes you much wiser.

5- Read! It is not just an enjoyable hobby, but another necessary tool you need to become a much wiser person. Try to diversify your reading materials.

Tips That Can Help You become Much Wiser

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