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Handy Tips That Will Help You Make A Good First Impression

Did you know that the skill we are going to talk about, that is, making a good first impression, is one of the most vital and important things you could learn in life?

To make it simpler to grasp, this skill is the basis for the most important opportunities you could get in your life, such as great friendships, the man or woman of your dreams, and even the greatest career opportunities ever. And here is how to do it:

1- Make your looks spic and span. That is, don’t go out unless you make sure that you are wearing clean and tidy outfit, and that your hair is neatly done. For women, you also need to make sure you have “the right” makeup on, neither more nor less, and that means a makeup that hides flaws and enhances looks without exaggeration.

2- Act your first meetings and impressions. Leaving how you act in a first impression to chance is very risky, and you would almost always blow it if this is the case. So, act how you behave and what you will say when you first meet new people. You could do this in the privacy of your bedroom or bathroom.

3- Make a division in your wardrobe for the “dress-to-impress” outfits. I really advise against trying to pick whatever-looks-presentable policy. Moreover, don’t be too cheap to spend on clothes needed for success, because this too, counts as an investment.

4- Make a recording of how you look and act often. I often find things that surprise me – and even annoy me sometimes – when my son “films” me with his smartphone. I notice then the flaws in how I act, talk, move and even things such as my standing posture. However, this can help you greatly if you want to improve how you look in the eyes of other people. Ask a close friend or a family member to record how you talk or act when you are not paying attention. Believe me, it is worth it.

 Make A Good First Impression

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