Eight Hair Drying Mistakes You Probably Are Doing

The way you blow dry your hair every morning light be not correct, it turned out that blow drying your hair in a wrong way van adversely affecting your hair and in result your overall look.
Blow drying your hair is an art in itself, it requires the right tricks and skills to make a flawless result without any possible damage, check out below the most common hair blow drying mistakes you should avoid.

Leaving Out The Styling Lotion.

A good styling product has a role key in a good blowout result, an extremely fine and thin hair needs a volumizer while thick surely hair will need to keep frizzies bay with a good leave on conditioner.
It is important to spread the product evenly in each strand of the hair, here’s a good trick, apply the product and comb it into your hair with a wide toothed comb then massage it thoroughly into your hair using your hands, this trick works Every time try it.

Forgetting to Pre-dry Your Hair.

Blow drying your hair when it is super wet can take forever it is better to get it to 70, 5% dry first before blow-drying and to do that just let your hair air dry by itself or consider wrapping it with a dry towel.
When your hair is damp wet apply the volumizer and start blow-drying from the roots going down while pointing the heat down.

Using a Lame Hair Drier.

A hair drier with investing in, it is something that gets used frequently and more than one member of the family can use it so buying cheap hair driers that are not powerful enough won’t only take you longer time to get your desired blow out but will damage your hair and won’t live long, a hair drier is like a mattress, it deserves every penny spent on it.

Not Sectioning Your Hair.

Some people think that sectioning your hair may take longer time to get done but the truth it that it will actually save you so much time (unless your hair is super fine and thin) you won’t be drying the same hair over and over again and each strand of your hair will be dried aand styled properly.

Not Drying The Bottom Layers Of Hair First.

It will take you longer time if you blow dry the top of your hair first because that would mean the hair that got dried already will keep on getting wet as you comb it with the bottom layers, starting with the bottom layers will save you time and effort and will make sure your hair is completely styled as you finish.

Not Connecting The Nozzle Of The Hair Drier.

Most of us ignore to stuck the nozzle of the hair drier at the end of it and I am one of those people but it turned out that you yet a much better blow out if you aim the hot air where you want it to go, it is called “directional drying” and it shows much better results in a shorter time.

Not Using Your Fingers While Blow Drying.

Most stylists know the secret to a perfect blow dry starts with pulling your fingers through the roots of the hair aiming down while directing the hot air to pass through your fingers to dry the roots and the crown with the nozzle of your hair dryer.

Skipping on The Final Shine Serum.

After you finish drying your hair and it is 100% dry, apply the shine serum to make your hair look shiney and keep it in shape for a longer period of time, after you do that you can apply hair spray if you are into hair sprays.

Hair Drying Mistakes

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