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Hacks to make your nose smaller

Some people feel that they have a problem with their noses. They wish if they can make them look smaller. Even some movie stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston have issues with their noses and they use cosmetics to hide its real size.

Here are some marvelous tips on how you can make your nose look smaller using cosmetics.

– To change the way your nose looks depends on making light and shade with cosmetics. If you want your nose to look more slim, apply foundation down the out sides of your nose that is maybe a couple shades darker than your regular skin shading, and after that apply a shade or two lighter to the bridge of your nose.

– It’s not true that if you apply heavy eye makeup it will draw attention a way from the nose. On the contrary, strong colors of eye cosmetics will really make people concentrate on your nose. Instead, give a normal look to your eyes and that will make your nose looks smaller.

– Using concealer under the eyes will help to brighten this area and as a result it will draw attention away from your nose.

– If you have a long nose, using a foundation will be effective for making it look shorter. Just apply a dark shade of foundation to the tip of the nose and underneath it.

– Your hairstyle can help sometimes to diminish the appearance of the size of your nose. If you do a parting in your hair down the center, it will make your nose look bigger. But, if you do a side parting in your hair it will draw the attention away from your nose.

– It is preferable that you use loose powder for a matte finish. Try to evade making your nose sparkle because the light makes anybody’s nose looks bigger.

– Another hack is to use blush to high light other areas of the face like cheeks. This will attract the attention on your cheeks rather than your nose.

– Also, makeup on the lips draw the attention on the lips rather than the nose. It is better to apply colours like classic bold red.

Hacks to make your nose smaller

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