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Six Habits That Are Literally Damaging Your Kidney

The more you learn about your kidneys, the more you will appreciate them and want to keep them healthy. Your kidneys filter your blood of toxins through the urine, they also help to retain certain nutrients in your bloodstream, glands located above your kidneys produce essential hormones for your body. So maintaining your kidneys healthy means that your body will get rid of toxins efficiently and will make use of important nutrients that you get through your diet.

The kind of lifestyle you lead as well as the type of food you eat can have a serious impact on your kidneys and the efficiency of how it functions. This in return will impact your overall health and even lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Having a healthy lifestyle and diet will improve the function of your kidneys even if you are diagnosed with a kidney diseases, the change in your diet and lifestyle can prevent complications and improve the situation so you an live for years productively like a healthy person.
So to protect your kidneys and keep them safe, avoid these habits that are actually destroying your kidneys.

1- Having a Diet High In Animal Protein.

Diets that are high in red meat and other animal protein puts a heavy pressure on the kidneys, in fact consuming too much red meats and other animal proteins can even exacerbate existing issues with the kidneys, the metabolism and processing of animal proteins give the kidneys exert more effort by the kidneys which makes it difficult to eliminate waste efficiently.
Plus diets that are rich in animal proteins increase the risks of kidney stones.

2- Alcohol Consumption.

A little drink of alcohol here and there may not cause any harm to the kidneys, yet too much consumption of alcohol can lead to kidney diseases as well as worsening the situations for existing ones.

3- Table Salt.

Table salt is the primary source of sodium in our diet, our bodies need a mild amount of sodium to maintain an adequate Fluids balance in the body cells, however excess sodium intake causes the kidneys to retain water in order to dilute this electrolyte in the bloodstream to allow your heart to function properly, which puts a pressure on the kidneys.

4- Caffeine.

Caffeine found in coffee and all the other caffeinated drinks like tea, soda and energy drinks can be damaging your kidneys because the Caffeine is a stimulant which increases the blood flow and in result put a pressure on the kidneys to work harder to filter the faster flowing blood.

5- Carbonated Beverages.

Carbonated Beverages such as sodas and energy drinks are highly associated with the development of kidney diseases and kidney stones.
Such drinks contain high concentration of phosphoric acid, artificial sweeteners and Caffeine which all harm your kidneys in many different ways.

6- Smoking.

Smoking is not only bad for your heart and lungs but also your kidneys, toxic substances from tobacco smoking accelerate the risk for certain diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure which in return increase the risk for kidney diseases.

Six Habits That Are Literally Damaging Your Kidney

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