A Guide to The Northern Road Trip in the US

Do you want to see most of the United States in one or two trips? The Northern and Southern road trips will show you most of the remarkable and interesting sites in the country. The Northern road goes along the seashore from Boston to Washington west coast. You will never forget such an amazing adventure; especially if you are with beloved family or best friend.

The Northern road trip will begin from the pacific port city of Seattle and conclude with Washington and Acadian national park. At Seattle, you will see a friendly and civilized city that has several attractions such as the Seattle Center of Space Needle, the Seattle Aquarium, and the Experience Music Project. The line of your trip will go with the beach of the Atlantic Ocean and the great lakes to reach the volcanic Cascade Range with its fascinated natural scenes and alpine mountains.

Suddenly, you will find yourself getting down to the historical places of Great Plains, Montana, and North Dakota. In your midway, you will find yourself surrounded by the towers and skylines of Chicago, the Grant Park, the museum of science and industry, and the Art Institute.

Throughout your trip, you will see several green places such as the hardwood forests of Vermont’s Green Mountains and the granite peaks of New Hampshire’s White Mountains in addition to the Badlands, the Yellowstone, and the Acadia National Parks. The northern Rocky Mountains and their national parks will give you a great idea about the home and life of the Native Americans. The next station in your trip is Maine that has wonderful forests at the slops of the White Mountains. You will be lucky to experience such a trip to its end because you will see the diversity of natural and manmade fascinating scenes.

The Northern Road Trip in the US The Northern Road Trip in the US The Northern Road Trip in the US The Northern Road Trip in the US The Northern Road Trip in the US

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