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Great Tips for Wearing Lipstick Better

Lipsticks are very important for girls more than any other type of cosmetics. There are some rules and tips for the right way of using lipsticks. The right way of applying of lipstick will make any girl look more beautiful and more confident too. Here are some great lipstick tips.

– To avoid dryness of your lipsticks, you should exfoliate and moisturize your lips regularly. Neglecting exfoliating your lips will show flakes of your skin and will make them more remarkable when wearing lipstick. Simply, you can exfoliate your lips using a mixture of sugar granules added to olive oil.

– You should apply a primer on your lips as well not just on your face. Using a lipstick primer will help you get a smooth base for the lipstick.

– The right place to start from when applying a lipstick is the middle of your lips. When you start from the middle it will be easier for you to apply the lipstick correctly.

– The lipstick shade you use depends on the size of your lips. If your lips are thin, it will be better to use lighter shade that will make your lips look fuller. But, if your lips are full, you should use darker shades.

– You should take into account your skin colour when you choose a lipstick. Reddish colour tints may be suitable for everyone, but other colours should be chosen to match your skin, as some may suit your skin color while others don’t. Pink and coral colors will be suitable for lighter complexion. On the other hand, plums and browns will be suitable for darker skin.

Tips for Wearing Lipstick Better

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