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Great tips to “ace it” in Your first date

No matter how old you are, a first date is always a nerve wrecking experience. How would he think of me? What should I say? How should I react? How loud should my laugh should be?…etc. endless worries and questions. Here are some tips for you to make it a real success.

– Don’t act like you are being interviewed for a job! Just be yourself, don’t panic or act over-smartly or witty. He wants to date the real you.

– Dress properly for the place, if you are going for a picnic; don’t put on heels. If you will meet in a fancy restaurant; don’t wear sport-shoes.

– Show your respect to the waiting staff, and before all, just show up on time don’t let him wait for long; as he might think you stood him up!

– Give him a lot of attention, listen well. Men really love when women listen to them.

– Turn your phone off. Facebook and online chats can wait.

– Show your date that you are interested in what he says, and give your opinion if needed.

– If he offers to pay you, let him. But if he doesn’t; just say that you’d like to split the bill.

– It is better not to wear a revealing or a see-through outfit, be conservative on your first date.

– Don’t bombard him with questions all night long, tell him about yourself as well and share with him some light and funny stories.

– After the date, don’t let him feel that he is stalked. Give him time to text you first or call. You might fright him away.

tips to “ace it” in Your first date

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