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5 Great Tips for Looking Smarter and More Experienced in a Job Meeting

Did you know that most job meeting are conducted not to really achieve something for the company, but rather to read the personalities of those working in it? How people act in their companies’ meetings is greatly responsible for what their futures would be like in the time after the meeting. As a result, looking smart and more experienced in a meeting can greatly improve your future. Here, we will teach you simple tricks to achieve that.

1- Pretend like you are taking notes. Also, when doing that nod as if you really and honestly like what you are hearing (while in truth, you are doodling the faces of your coworkers).

2- One of the greatest catchy phrases you could say to look like one with an MBA is, “will this scale?”. Yes, it doesn’t have any helpful meaning, and yes it will make you look smart, and no, no one will dare ask what it means (unless they read this article).

3- Another great way to make your supreme thinking and expertise shine is making a Venn diagram. Venn Diagrams make anyone look like they have tons of experience, and that they have been through this countless times before.

4- Rephrase percentages when they are mentioned. If your company, for example, is discussing client sectors in the meeting saying things like, “three out of 10 clients is buying this product”, follow it by saying something like, “so, what your saying is 33% of the clients like this product?”

5- Many meetings have presentations, and many of them contain slide shows. When they do, ask the presenter to go back in some of the sides. This makes you seem like you are really concentrating on them and that you have managed to notice things others didn’t.

Tips for Looking Smarter and More Experienced in a Job Meeting

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