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Great Tips for Shopping for Clothes When You Are Full-Figured

It is no secret that although the media is promoting slim (or even skinny) body types, most women are full figured. Moreover, these women are depressed for that, not just because they want to lose weight while it is very hard to do so on a long term basis, but also because most of the clothes they buy don’t make them look any better. So how do you shop for things that make you look nice when you are a size 14?

1- Avoid clothes with loose and floppy layers. When you are buying these things you are thinking things like, “I have to hide this bulge here and there with extra layers of clothing”. However this isn’t the result you get. Instead you look fatter and even frumpy.

2- Wear things in your size, neither more nor less. The problem here is that clothes might be too tight for the stomach area, or too wide for the chest area, and this is what makes you buy wrong sizes. Get your pieces in the right size then have the problematic areas fixed.

3- Don’t think with the “whatever fits” mentality. This is another mistake many full-figured women commit when buying clothes. It results in making them look even worse. I know that looking for things your size is difficult but you can make things easier if you search in big department stores or online.

4- Be adventurous and try new things. Trying new things and new clothing styles gives you the opportunity to better understand what suits your body and what doesn’t. Moreover, you could discover things that flatter your looks better than what you usually wear.

5- Consult a specialist. Internet makes things like this easy. You can tell a fashion designer online about your measurements or even give them your picture and ask what style of clothing would be suitable for you.

Tips for Shopping for Clothes When You Are Full-Figured

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