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7 Great Tips for Saving LOTS of Money When Traveling

Traveling is a great hobby. You get to see new places, learn new cultures, make new memories and have a great time. However, you find that while doing this, you have maxed out your credit card, or at least wasted two years’ worth of savings. So how can you enjoy traveling and not waste much money at the same time?

1- Many hotels charge you for the lavish nonsensical products they put in their bathrooms. If the hotel you are checking in is one of such places, tell them explicitly that you have your own toiletries with you.

2- Avoid falling into the trap of vacation shopping. Many people buy useless yet pricy things when preparing for vacation, such as new T-shirts, travel bags and the latest camera that hit the market even if they are not into photographing. These things can eat a big chunk of your bank balance.

3- Eat at government-subsidized cafeterias. These cafeterias are especially established for penniless students. However, they are open to anyone. The global term for these helpful establishments is Mensa.

4- Trying a new country’s wine can be a wonderful experience for your taste buds, not your pockets. So, don’t make it a habit.

5- Save the laundry costs by washing your clothes yourself by hand. It is not like you’re removing something written in stone, so there is no meaning for expensive hotel laundry services.

6- Learn a bit of the language. You don’t need to study a full course, but at least learn the most important words. This will make it easier for you to interact with others, and harder for others to rip you off.

7- Carpe Diem! Don’t waste vacation time going to the beach, getting a tan, or watching a game on TV. You can do all of these things at home, so why the heck are you traveling in the first place?

Tips for Saving LOTS of Money When Traveling

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