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Great Tips for Getting Rid of Upper Lip Hair Once and for All

First of all, let’s face it sisters, “Upper lip hair” is what we women politely call a growing mustache above our lips. And since mustaches are one of the things that differentiate men from women, no woman EVER wants to see that darn thing on her face.

So here are some great natural affordable tips for getting rid of upper lip hair.

1- Thread the damn thing off. Cut a twenty cm thread and tie its ends together. Twist it several times and then use these twists to pull off the unwanted hair. It beets using tweezers that might not be able to pluck off all of the hair.

2- Wax it off. This is my most favorite treatment. It is effective and it cleans off even the tiniest hairs. The problem is that the first few times of using it, your skin will be so sensitive after losing the hairy layer and might develop rashes or itches. It might also get infected or injured, so apply some antimicrobial ointment (if that is unavailable use some honey).

3- Sugar it off. What is sugaring? It is making some caramel from sugar, then fiddling with it a bit until it turns into a very sticky paste and then using it to remove the hair just like wax. It has the same itch failing of the wax.

4- Apply some post hair-removal treatment. Some easy masks and scrubs you can make at home can delay the sprouting of new hair, such as olive oil with salt scrub, mashed or powdered lupine with lemon juice, or turmeric with gram flour and yogurt mix.

Tips for Getting Rid of Upper Lip Hair Once and for All

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