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Great Tips for Raising Your Leptin Levels Naturally

Leptin is the hormone that controls how full you feel. In short if you are short in leptin or are leptin resistant you will keep on eating even though you don’t need to, and the result is feeling hungry and gaining weight even though you don’t eat much. Therefore you need to learn how to raise leptin levels naturally to be able to lose weight more easily.

1- Avoid simple carbs such as bread, white flower and sugar. They are usually sweet, white and are certainly refined. Refined carbs have no fiber or nutrition. They result in quickly promoting insulin levels which will make you leptin resistant.

2- Do not follow sever diets. Drastically slashing away calories can give your body a wrong signal. Your body will think that you are starving and this can lead to making you leptin resistant. Make sure your diet is something you can apply long term.

3- Avoid yo-yo dieting. Follow a healthy diet that doesn’t deprive you of the things you love, or you will end up hating your diet one day and start pinging on food you should avoid which will lead to gaining back all the weight you have lost and maybe a little more.

4- Make sure your breakfast is rich in protein. Besides making your leptin levels high, this will give you enough energy to do your daily business and will also make you feel full for a long time

5- Studies have found a link between shortage in leptin and shortage in zinc. Make sure you have enough zinc in your diet. It is found in cocoa, mushroom, nuts and spinach.

6- Get enough sleep. Sleep is the time when our bodies produce most of this important hormone. Not having enough sleep can make you tired, cranky and hungry all the time.

7- Instead of having few big meals, have smaller but several meals. This can rid your body of its defense mechanism and feeling hungry thus resisting leptin.

Tips for Raising Your Leptin Levels Naturally

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