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10 Great Tips for Using Makeup When You Have Pale Skin

Some women with pale skin are looking forward to get a bronze tan. They should always use sun screen. There are many tricks for having a bronzed shine.

1- Do not use more compact powder on your skin. You should try many brands to know which one is suitable for you. You may also use BB cream instead of compact powder.

2- A bronzer will be good to be applied as it gives color to your skin. However, do not use too much of it. The best way is to apply it to the apples of the cheeks, the edges of your face and less over the top of the nose.

3- Using a blusher on your pale skin will make it bright and radiant. Do not use much of it. Apply Blush to the apples of your cheeks, your nose and beneath your eyebrows to have a natural and shining face. The most suitable colours for pale skin are pale pink, or peach.

4- Mark your eyebrows if you have fair hair with pale skin. Because eyebrows will not be obvious if they are fair in color.

5- Soft shades of lipstick are more suitable for pale face. For example, soft pinks and apricot will brighten pale skin.

6- You should moisturize your skin and nurture it to keep glowing and to get rid of blemishes. The reason for it is that pale skin always suffers from blemishes and dry patches.

7- You should use the suitable shade which goes with your neckline’s shade. You may ask a specialist’s help while choosing it.

8- Apply dark or black mascara to outline your eyes. Using plum or blue mascara will not give the same result.

9- A pale skin is usually sensitive as well. So using natural elements will be better for your skin rather than products with chemical ingredients.

 Tips for Using Makeup When You Have Pale Skin