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Great Tips for Your Beauty When You Have Dark Skin

It is easy to find makeup and beauty hacks when you are fair skinned. Gorgeous dark skinned girls, however, do not find enough tips and makeup trick to boost their beauty. Like other girls with fairer skin, there are things a dark skinned girl should and shouldn’t do when it comes to beauty and makeup. Here, you can learn some of them.

1. You think that because you are a dark skinned girl, you have enough melatonin to go out in the glaring sun without a sunscreen? Think again! Think will harm the same way it does a snow-skinned girl. So get a good sunscreen with a decent SPF girl!

2. You also need to moisturize thoroughly. Not just to protect your skin, hydrate it and prevent early aging, but also because not moisturizing dark skin can give it some sort of a strange tired ashy look.

3. Make sure you pick the right color when it comes to contour, foundation and base powder. Do not think that by getting a paler color you are boosting the color of your skin! Besides it will be really weird when your face has one color and your hands have another.

4. Dark shades and tints of eyeshadow look gorgeous on any skin color, but they look especially bewitching on dark skin. The best eyeshadow colors for this skin are copper, burgundy, green, and black. However, you should leave black for especial occasions.

5. If you have dark skin, avoid pearly and light colors for lipstick. They will make you look as a three year old playing with oil paints. Focus on dark shades for parties and outings, and neutral colors for work and formal meetings.

Tips for Your Beauty When You Have Dark Skin

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