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5 Great Things You Can Do with Ruined Stockings

Stockings have this unusually irritating habit of getting…ruined. And I bet if you wear them a lot, then you must have made a certain line in your budget for them. Naturally, we cannot tell you not to buy them or go without them (you’ll ruin your shoes, and you cannot wear sandals all the time), but we can at least tell you how to reuse them to make up for the money they waste.

1- Stocking’s vinyl has this unmatched ability of gathering everything (because of static electricity). SO how about we use this amazing ability for something useful, like cleaning? Cover your broom’s head with a vinyl stocking and it will pick up almost everything.

2- Those who are used to painting things (walls, furniture, etc.) know how important an old stocking can be for straining. What you can paint with will go through, but the lumps will stay inside the stocking.

3- Wool makes some skin types itch, but all people need it at winter nonetheless. You can cut old stockings and line the inside of your woolen sweaters and other garments with it to stop the itch.

4- Did you try putting your clothes inside old stockings when packing a suitcase? Try it and you will find that, first, your clothes will stay tidy and unraveled, and second, your suitcase will have more space.

5- It is really difficult to find a suitable ball for your infant to play with while indoors. The things they sell are often heavy and can knock a grown man out if hit in the head. You can make a perfectly safe and harmless ball for your infant from an old stocking and some foam filling.

Things You Can Do with Ruined Stockings

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