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5 Great Recipes for House Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

I bet that each and every one of us have set a very important line in their budget sheets called, “cleaning products”. And although the raw materials for making these things are really cheap, they are sold for what could amount to 10 times their production costs. You won’t need to pay so much for these products anymore because you will learn how to make them yourself.

1- You can make a great laundry detergent that is even more effective than the pricy things they sell at the market with this recipe: Add half a kilogram of finely grated soap to one kilogram of sodium bicarbonate (the type made for washing), and then add one kilogram of borax. Shake the mixture well and seal it in a bag. Use half a cup of this mix whenever you wash clothes.

2- You can make a sanitizing cleaner for all purposes if you mix equal parts of water and vinegar. The vinegar can make glass shiny and germ-free.

3- Tile cleaners’ prices are really a rip-off. You can make a tile cleaner by putting some baking soda in a plastic bowl and adding some dish soap to it while mixing with a wooden spoon. When it turns into what looks like cake frosting, add some essence oils if you want to and use it to clean the tiles.

4- Make a stain remover by wetting where the stain is with a spoonful of dish soap, and then add two spoons of oxygen water and rub the stain a bit, then wash it in your washing machine like usual.

5- You can make a good oven cleaner by adding a spoonful of borax and a spoonful of dish soap to some hot water in a spray bottle. It is easy, affordable, and effective.

House Cleaning Products You Can Make Yourself

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