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6 Great Recipe Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Making sure children eat their vegetables is probably one of the most difficult tasks mothers face when feeding their young ones. However, this does not need to be the case. There are some great recipes and serving ideas you could do to significantly increase the quantity of fruit and vegetables they eat, such as:

1- Fruit kebobs is a fun idea your kids will love. Just get the usual wooden skewers you use to make kebobs of fruits such as kiwi, grapes, strawberries, bananas, apples cantaloupes and melons. Your kids will love this treat.

2- Make satellite snacks by skewering pieces of cheese and bread you have already cut in fun shapes in a pretzel. You can add pieces of fruit too. You will end up with yummy treat that will fill your kids up until dinner time.

3- Make vegetable pizzas. Kids love pizzas. However the pizza you get from restaurants is packed with fat and salt making it the unhealthiest meal ever. So make a pizza loaded with vegetables and healthy low fat goat cheese. Your kids will still love it.

4- Fruit or vegetable crepe is a great way of feeding your kids vegetables and fruits even if they are not so keen on them. Make crepes and stuff them with fruit and crème patisserie or vegetables and cheese filings. They will be the ultimate fulfilling snacks your kids will surely love.

5- Freezing fruits preserves the nutrients in them. Maybe your kids won’t like frozen fruits, but they will certainly love frozen yogurt with frozen fruit. Fill ice cream molds with yogurt, some sugar and some frozen fruits to make the most healthy and refreshing snack ever.

6- Muffins are the greatest recipe to make your child eat something he doesn’t like and even love it. You can load your muffins with oatmeal, cheese, herbs, zucchini, spinach puree and many other vegetables your child will enjoy when he usually leaves them out on his plate.

 Ideas That Will Make Your Kids Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

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