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Great natural appetite Suppressants

There are different methods for losing weight. Some people use fat burners to lose weight and others use appetite suppressants. Of course, there are some medicines for curving appetite, but it’s better if you take natural suppressants for reducing cravings and appetite. You don’t need to look for them because some of them are included right here.

Dark chocolate:
Steric acid found in dark chocolate helps to slow digestion and therefore, it will help you feel fuller for a good period of time. Also, the bitter-yet-sweet taste in dark chocolate helps to curve the appetite.

Oatmeal: It keeps you full for a long time as it is high in complex carbs that takes a while to digest. It helps to suppress the ghrelin hormone responsible for feelings of hunger and it slows the digestion.

Salmon: It is rich in omega- 3 fatty acids. Thus, when you eat salmon, it increases the amount of the hormone “leptin” which helps to suppress hunger. You may also have Tuna and herring as they are similarly rich in this important nutrient.

Salad: Try to take a dish of salad before each meal and it will help you to eat less. Your brain needs 20 minutes to receive the massage that you are full, therefore when you eat salad before meals you will feel full as you will take a while to chew the crunchy fiber-rich ingredients.

Try to add this miracle spice to your cereal, oatmeal or coffee. It helps to lower the blood sugar levels and therefore it will help to control your appetite.

Vegetable juice: It’s so great for curving the appetite as it fills you up. If you drink veggie juice before a meal, you will eat 135 fewer calories (multiply that in the number of meals!). But, it’s better to drink the low- sodium kinds of vegetables because they are less likely to make you bloat.

natural appetite Suppressants

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