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4 Great Inventions That Can Help You Sleep

Maybe you are one of the lucky people who sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow. But, maybe you are one of those who would “beg” sleep to grace them with its presence if they could. And also, maybe you are something in between.

However, in this article you will learn about some great newly discovered inventions that can help you sleep.

1- The perfect pillow (and its trade name is Pillowfix) is an inflatable pillow that can be used anytime anywhere. You can carry it with you when traveling so you wouldn’t need to use the log of a pillow you find in motels (which may also be unsanitary).

2- Humidity is one of the things that can make your sleep pretty uncomfortable. My son suffers and keeps coughing in humid summer nights. However if you have a similar condition, Satechi USB portable humidifier can help you lots in in drying up the air and making sleep much more comfortable.

3- The Glo-to-sleep eye mask is an amazing gadget if you are one of those people who need special visual effects to be able to sleep. It shows blue dots in certain patterns that put you in a relaxed drowsy mood making sleep easier.

4- I really recommend Marpac Dohm for all those who suffer from insomnia and similar sleep problems. This neat gadget has earned a rating of 8.5 out of ten in the sleep-helping gadgets. It drowns out the noises that might disturb your sleep by producing a type of noise that can be relaxing. It even works with babies so you will not have to rock your baby to sleep anymore.

Great Inventions That Can Help You Sleep

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