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Great Ideas to Substitute Ingredients You Don’t Have

Everyone who considers cooking much more than heating something in a microwave, has been through the experience of making a certain recipe only to find that they lack one ingredient or another. Some declare the recipe a bust, and some come up with great ideas to substitute the unavailable ingredients. Here are some of these ideas.

1- We should start with eggs. They are what gives recipes creamy, fluffy, spongy or whatever texture they may have. You can substitute eggs with one of the following: half a banana, half a cup of yogurt, quarter a cup of applesauce or three spoonful of vinegar with a spoonful of baking soda.

2- If you need brown sugar but don’t have enough of it, mix quarter a cup of molasses with a cup of sugar. It is the original state of both sugar and molasses.

3- Baking soda and baking powder AREN’T the same, and using one in place of the other can make recipes fail. However, you can turn baking soda into baking powder by adding quarter a cup of cornstarch and half a cup cream of tartar to every quarter a cup of baking soda.

4- Corn syrup might not be an ingredient many people know of. However, chefs-in-the-making use it to make things such as marshmallow and frostings. If you need it but don’t have it dissolve a cub of sugar in a quarter a cup of water, heat it and add few drops of lemon juice. Turn off the flame when it reaches corn syrup consistency.

5- In certain recipes (not all of them) adding flour instead of cornstarch gives you the same results. Also, subtracting two tablespoons from all-purpose flour in a recipe turns it into cake flour (in some cases).

Great Ideas to Substitute Ingredients You Don’t Have

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