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6 Great Ideas to Help You Protect Your House Better from Burglers

In the good old days, people used to leave the lights on just to protect themselves from burglars. However, now thieves and burglars have stepped up their game. They become more persistent and violent breaking into your house even though you might be in it. It is important to learn how to better protect your house from burglars. These ideas will help you with that.

1- Left out newspapers and mail in your yard is a clear sign that you are not around to pick them up. So tell the post office to hold your mail for you and cancel or postpone your newspaper subscription.

2- Who really cares whether you go to the Bahamas or Hawaii or even to the moon! No body does, except for the burglars who would want to thank you for this handy tip. So please stop sharing things like the fact that you are not at your home right now with the world on facebook, twitter, etc.

3- Avoid hiding your valuables in the well known hiding places such as your wardrobe, safes behind paintings, drawers…etc. Even places like the garbage bin, the refrigerator, or inside books are no good either. It is better to keep your valuables in a locker in a bank or tell a trustworthy relative to keep them for you.

4- Burglars do not walk around with their own ladders. They take yours to break into your house. Therefore, do not keep your ladder or old furniture at the backyard because robbers can use them to break into your house.

5- Did you know that robbers watch the houses they are going to break in, even before the owners leave? So when you leave the house say goodbye out loud and shout something like, “I wont be late” or “Do you need me to bring you anything?” This will make the robbers think that there is still someone inside the house.

6- Install a fake surveillance camera. It is possibly one of the simplest DIY projects anyone could ever make. Stick a small round piece of glass or a glass marble in a small plastic case or a plastic bowl attached to a wire, and mount it on the wall.

 Ideas to Help You Protect Your House Better from Burglers

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