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Great Ideas for Losing “Bun-in-the Oven” Fat

During pregnancy, there are many changes that happen to your body, gaining weight is one of them. After the baby comes to the life, you should start to think about getting back into shape. But, you should start gently in order to give your body time to recover before getting into a new fitness regime. Here are ten simple ways to start with.

– A very good tip on how to lose weight after pregnancy is to start moving. It’s advisable to be moving around as soon as possible when you are able to. You can start after a few days if you gave a vaginal birth. Taking a stroll with your baby at a reasonable pace will help you to get into shape in a harmless way.

– You can do some gentle and simple tummy exercises if your tummy is strong enough. Consult your doctor first before exercising.

– Breastfeeding is very important for losing weight after pregnancy. You do burn around 700 calories a day when you are breastfeeding. But, this doesn’t mean that you can eat whatever you like as long as you are still breastfeeding.

– To improve the quality of your breast milk, you should have plenty of protein. It will help your muscles to repair and grow at the same time.

– Kegel exercises are not important during pregnancy only, but they are very useful after giving birth also. They will help the muscles to recover from birth and get your pelvic back into shape. Start doing Kegel exercises when you are ready to do.

– Pushups also are very important to strengthen your upper body and tone it. But, you should start them slowly as much as your strength allows.

– You don’t need to wait six weeks to start. But, try to start slowly and gently. Do not overdo exercises especially in the first six weeks. Also, do not push yourself too hard and take your time to recover your body shape.

Ideas for Losing “Bun-in-the Oven” Fat

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