8 Great Health Benefits of Massage

Apart from the relaxing sensation that a person feels upon getting a massage, there are numerous health benefits that reaches almost every single organ and organ system with massages. Some examples of body systems that benefit from massages are listed below:

1. Circulatory System : Massages are very helpful in improving blood circulation by promoting the flow of blood in regions where blood reaches poorly. That’s why massage is a part of necessary physical therapy that is giving to immobile individuals.

2. Female Reproductive System : Pain from menopause, periods and PMS can be relieved with massages and their calming effects.

3. Muscular System : Sport stars are always accompanied by their own specialists who massage their muscles out of cramps, stretch them and help them relax. Muscular tiredness can be relieved better with massage than with rest as massage improves the flexibility of muscles.

4. Skeletal System : The flexibility of muscles and the improved blood circulation caused by massages have a great positive influence on the wellbeing of bones and the whole skeletal system. This is because joint stiffness is reduced, and nutrients and oxygen reach bones more efficiently with increased blood flow.

5. Immune System : The relaxation provided by massage eases stress and thus improves the performance of the immune system. Moreover, a gentle massage moves the lymph in the lymphatic system and aids clearing the body of wastes.

6. Urinary System : Massages lead waste products to the blood which reaches the kidneys to become filtered out and excreted.

7. Respiratory System : The relaxing effect of massage helps you breathe more slowly and deeply with the help of your diaphragm with minimum energy. Chest congestion can be relieved with cupping movements on the base of lungs.

8. Digestive System : Movement of food and waste in the digestive system are facilitated with the relaxation provided with massage.
Great Health Benefits of Massage

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