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The author of the ground- breaking book “Losing weight is a healing journey” tells us she healed her body naturally from chronic disease and lost over 60 pounds in the process without surgery, drugs or deprivation.

She discovered there are some foods that have the ability to promote health in our bodies, while others can create weight gain and cause harm. Her favorite healing foods that support natural weight loss and promote health are:

– Broth: it is made easily by cooking organic vegetables in water till they are soft, then draining the liquid. You can add salt, pepper, fresh herbs, grains, fish or meat as you prefer. This is very healing, as it is hydrating and easy to digest.

– Coconut oil: it is agreed by health experts that coconut oil is close to a super-food that is high in lauric acid – naturally found in breast milk. Extra virgin coconut oil is moisturizing, healing and anti- aging. It is the safest oil to cook with, since it stays stable with high temperature.

Apple cider vinegar: it is produced from fresh apple cider through fermentation. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes. Apple cider vinegar is a versatile and potent healing substance. Choose the good quality one made from organic apples and kept in wooden barrels. You can add it to the salad and it can be applied topically.

Cinnamon: it tastes so delicious and at the same time, it is so good for your health. Cinnamon has the ability to regulate blood sugar, which is very important for your body and in the weight loss process.

Lemons: they have an alkalizing effect on the body, and they are naturally detoxifying. You can make it a healthy habit to drink each morning a glass of water with a squeeze of lemon. You should also try adding some fresh lemon juice onto your food; this gives a healthy, yet delicious taste.


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