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Great Activities That Will Teach Your Kids the Concept of Respect

Respect is one of the most important qualities one must learn and teach to others. And among those to whom you must be able to teach the concept of respect, your kids are the first. Moreover, when teaching your kids the meaning of respect, they should be capable of distinguishing between admiration and respect, or fear and respect.

In this article, you will learn some activities that will help you with that:

1- You can watch a show with your kids. It shouldn’t be a long one (about 30 minutes or less), and it should be recorded so it wouldn’t be interrupted with commercial or other things that can distract your kids. After that ask your kids about those in the show they think are worthy of respect and the reason for their opinion.

2- Write about different situations that could happen to anyone in a short paragraph and clear sentences. Read this paragraph or paragraphs to your kids. After that, ask them how people should react respectfully in the situations mentioned in the paragraph.

3- Make up or role-play situations where adults and people who are supposed to be respectful are disrespectful to your kids. Then ask your kids about their opinion and how they would react if such a situation happens to them.

4- Make a game of designing and drawing slogans about respect with your kids. Then stick these slogan posters and paintings on the walls of their room and in other places around the house.

5- Make fun pop quizzes for your kids in which the questions depict situations and the answers are the best possible respectful reaction in these situations.

Teach Your Kids the Concept of Respect

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