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Grapes vs. Raisins, How Different Are They?

The main reason humans dried grapes and made raisins out of them was probably preservation. Since raisins are just grapes that lost most of their water content, many people might assume their nutritional value is the same, but it might be as different as they taste. Read on to know whether grapes or raisins have more of the health benefits that suit you.
Characteristics of Grapes

Grapes are filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with the added benefit of water content that quenches thirst. Grapes also contain high amounts of sugar and calories which can give you a natural energy boost when you need one.
Characteristics of Raisins

When you dry up a fruit its contents become much more concentrated. Hence, raisins have the triple amount of antioxidants of a similar weight of grapes. This richness of antioxidants makes a small amount of raisins very beneficial in preventing and treating serious diseases such as cancer.

Nonetheless, antioxidants are not the only ingredients that become more concentrated in raisins. Sugars and calories are also much more available in a mass of raisins compared to a similar mass of grapes. Hence, if you love raisins and you consume a lot of them, you might ruin your diet.

Should You Choose Grapes or Raisins?

The benefits of a certain amount of grapes lie in a less amount of raisins. If you are put in a position of choosing one over the other in a diet, it all lies in your preference and the amount you are willing to eat. A cup of grapes provides you with 60 calories while only a couple dozens of raisins would give you those sixty calories.

If you are looking for a fast energy boost and rich amounts of antioxidants, go for raisins. If you just want a juicy fruit treat with few calories then choose grapes.

Grapes vs. Raisins, How Different Are They

Grapes vs Raisins How Different Are They

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