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We all dream of greatness, but our dreams are often suppressed because we fear rejection or disapproval from people around us, thus many of us end up depressed. It seems we do not follow our dreams or listen to our hearts because we are too afraid to give ourselves the permission and we wait for others to give it to us.

Look closely and you will find that you withhold permission from yourself, needing others to give it to you. This stops you from living the life you want and keeps you in a small box.

Look closer and you will see your happiness depends on giving yourself permission; not giving yourself permission to speak up or set boundaries leads you to chronic depression. Most people who are depressed simply do not give themselves permission to do what they want to do or be what they want to be.

The most natural thing in the world, yet most challenging, is to give yourself permission to live the way you want to live. Actually, we are systematically programmed to ask permission; from the first day at school we are taught that permission is required for everything even for the basic personal needs.

Children, who used to give their power to those in authority, grow up to be adults who also wait to receive permission. The result is the suppression of development, self- expression and personal growth, and every time we give our power away through seeking external permission, the box we live in gets smaller.

Being programmed to ask permission means we are systematically disempowered, and this is the main cause for anxiety, depression and many social disorders. We are conditioned to seek approval from family, friends and people around, and due to our fear of disapproval we hide our dreams and suppress our true selves.


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