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The 5 Genuine Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Wearing Makeup

Women started using makeup so very long ago. Archeologists discovered several carvings on the wall of Egyptian temples depicting women applying makeup, and they’ve also found containers and vessels containing dyes and the remains of what must’ve been cosmetics. And although many doctors and researches vote against using makeup, women still and always will use it. And here are the true reasons why women all over the world wear it:

1- Makeup has a huge effect on boosting women’s mood and spirits. Do you know what the first advice given to women suffering from heart break is? Put on some makeup and go out! That is because they will force themselves to avoid thinking about what broke their heart so they wouldn’t cry and ruin the makeup.

2- Although many people say that makeup can greatly damage your skin, this isn’t necessarily the case. Many makeup companies now manufacture makeup from natural components that can treat skin instead of damaging it. In short, with new natural makeup, you are just using skin nourishment that has colors.

3- It is one of woman’s most effective weapons in dressing to impress no matter what the occasion is. You notice it too in magazines and makeup websites. There is makeup for intimate times, daytime, partying and even job interviews.

4- I almost didn’t want to mention this since it is SO evident, but here it is: it makes women gorgeous. Men like gorgeous women even when they know they are pretty because of makeup.

5- Every woman has something that irritates her about her face, like a double chin, a big nose, messy eyebrows, small eyes or the occasional pimples here and there. When makeup is applied right, it helps you hide ALL of these flaws.

Reasons Why Every Girl Loves Wearing Makeup

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