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Garlic uses that make you can’t do without

There are many exotic and unusual uses of garlic which you can’t imagine or expect. Here’s some of its uses:
treats acne:
Open a fresh clove of garlic ,cut it into slices and apply it to the acne as an effective home remedy. It Will leave Smell in your skin, but it has amazing benefits and that because of its anti-bacterial properties that helps to reduce the appearance of acne .

fix the glass:
Did you know that garlic juice is a natural adhesive? So it can be used to fill cracks of glass and link them together.

Ear infections:
Garlic has been” a wonderful herbal remedy for thousands of years. In fact, garlic helps to kill the bacteria that cause ear infections. You can chop the garlic clove , mix it with hot olive oil and leave it to cool then drip a few drops into the ear canal.

Bait to fish:
Strong smell of garlic helps to repel insects, but it has the opposite effect on fish. Fishermen are recommended to use garlic as a bait to catch fish.

Eliminates yeast infection:
Garlic helps to kill fungi that causes yeast infections because of the anti-fungal properties.

Treats hair loss:
If you suffer from symptoms of baldness. You can crush garlic or massage your scalp with garlic oil. it works to stimulate hair growth.

Kills parasites:
You can use garlic to expel intestinal parasites and clean the stomach .it is advised to have honey , lemon juice , pumpkin seeds , carrots , beets and garlic. Regular consumption leads to healthy digestion.

Regulates high blood pressure:
Garlic is the best treatment for high blood pressure. Garlic contains active ingredients that work on expanding of the blood vessels and thus reduces the blood pressure on the walls. In addition it contains compounds that kill the bacteria that lead to inflammation of blood vessels. It prevents blood pressure symptoms such as dizziness, headache, chest pain and back ache.

Garlic uses that make you can't do without

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