We are going here to talk about treatment options so you can discuss them with your child’s therapist and choose the best plan for your kid. Studies show that a combination of behavioral therapy and medications is much better than any of them alone. Actually, stimulant drugs such as Vyvanse, Focalin and Ritalin are very effective for childhood ADHD; they help children ignore distractions and focus their thoughts.

As for behavioral treatment, it includes social skills training, which can help ADHD children maintain social relationships. Also, there is parenting skills training, which help the parents learn about ADHD to handle better their kid who has ADHD.

If you ask what is the best treatment for your child? , the answer is there is no single treatment for every child with ADHD; it is different according to the child’s personal history and needs. A child may have side effects to a medication, making it difficult to take a certain treatment. Thus, it is important to discuss the treatment plans with your child’s doctor to end up with the best option.

Coaching is a new field used in treatment of children with ADHD; it is meant to help children achieve better results in their lives through setting goals and assisting the kid to reach them. However, the child must be motivated and mature enough to work with a coach.

It is evident that getting plenty of exercise, eating healthy food and making smart daily choices can help your kid manage ADHD symptoms, and this means your kid can start treatment at home today.

Studies reveal that spending more time in nature can reduce ADHD symptoms; 30 minutes every day can make a great difference. Physical activity boosts the brain’s norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine- which all affect attention and focus- and more importantly it is side effect free.

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