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5 Fun Facts You Should Learn about White Chocolate

White chocolate is made from milk solids, cocoa butter and sugar. It is different from dark chocolate and milk chocolate in that it doesn’t have any cocoa solids or chocolate liquor. Many people don’t really like its taste and find it kind of waxy, bland and devoid of the distinctive delicious flavor found in milk and dark chocolate. However, the facts you will read in this article will surely change your opinion about it.

1- If you find white chocolate too sweet and bland for dessert, why don’t you try it for savory? There are many appetizer recipes which use white chocolate as an ingredient, such as chili jalapeno coated with white chocolate.

2- White chocolate is white, right? Or is it really? Since white
chocolate is made of cocoa butter it shouldn’t be totally white. In fact, the whiter it is the worst its quality will be. If you find white chocolate milk white instead of yellowish white color, you can be sure it is of poor quality.

3- It is said that dark chocolate was discovered since the age of the Mayan culture. White chocolate, however, is quite new. Nestle sold its first bar of white chocolate in 1930, that is less than a century.

4- It can be an exotic dessert too. Although people love dark and milk chocolate much more than white chocolate. Dark and milk chocolate can have an overpowering flavor. On the other hand, white chocolate can be paired with other flavors such as peppermint and cayan pepper.

5- If you are allergic to dark chocolate, try white chocolate. Most likely, the substance that causes an allergic reaction is in the cocoa solids and the chocolate liquor. White chocolate doesn’t have any of those but still has a little caffeine in cocoa butter. Try it first in small quantities.

White Chocolate

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