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5 Foolproof Tips for Making Study Time More Effective for Your ADD/ADHD child

One of the toughest difficulties that face the parents of children diagnosed with ADD or ADHD is studying and all that is related to it. Kids diagnosed with ADD/ADHD are easily distracted, and they cannot concentrate on studying easily. As a result, their parents aren’t usually proud with their school results. In this article you will learn some tips that will make your child’s study time more effective.

1- Write a task list for your child. For those with ADD or ADHD making a mental list of what is most important or organizing tasks in their brains could be rather difficult. So, it is helpful to write down the things that should be done one by one.

2- ADD students could only focus at one thing at a time. So Having things that track time and remind you of your duties is important. You could get your ADD/ADHD child a smartphone with a journal and an alarm application, and then set it to ring whenever there is a class that is up or something that needs to be done.

3- Studying for long hours can be difficult for any student. However, ADHD and ADD students can find it pure torture. So instead of studying for hours and resting for hours, cut studying times into smaller amounts, and have your kid rest or do something else every 20 – 30 minutes of studying or so.

4- ADHD and ADD students are especially easy to distract. So, their surroundings should encourage them to do nothing but studying. Your kid’s study area shouldn’t have a TV, computer, mobile phones or smartphones, books other than his school books, toys etc.

5- One of the strategies that could succeed with ADHD and ADD kids is either starting with their least favorite subject or studying it last.

Foolproof Tips for Making Study Time More Effective for Your ADDADHD child

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