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5 Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances

Nowadays, to many men, being a young single woman is just the same as carrying a colorful flag with a sign saying, “free meat”! Moreover, being pretty makes things worse as well. Therefore, a girl needs to know how to defend herself well and know how to ward off unwanted advances from likewise unwanted admirers. Let’s check some tips that will help with that.

1- Don’t dress in something that may “simulate” predators. I am not telling you to look frumpy but you shouldn’t look like you are dressed for a very-intimate, very-personal party either. The more skin your clothes show and the tighter they stick to your skin, the more the impression of “needing adventure” you give to men.

2- Ignore their advances at first. Admirers would want to attract your attention with mindless chatting and flattery. So ignore whatever they are saying if you are unable to move away (standing in a line for example). A good sign that will blatantly tell them you don’t want to listen is to put on your headphone, so always keep them with you.

3- Be polite but firm. Don’t start warding off the advances aggressively because that might hurt the admirers pride and make him hostile. So state firmly but politely that you are not interested, or that you have a husband/boyfriend.

4- Sometimes admirers can be really thick in the head. So if they don’t take a hint when you tell them you don’t want them present close to you, it is time to be a little aggressive. Don’t be afraid of making a scene. Start shouting out loud and make a scene to draw others’ attention.

5- Strength, and safety, is in numbers. If you are starting to think that you see a certain admirer often, and that he is getting “stalkerish” then tell a few friends and ask them to join you when going where this admirer tends to show up.

Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances