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Foods To Eat To Reduce Symptoms Of Eczema

If you have been suffering from eczema for a long time then you must be already aware of the conditions, products and causes to aggregate the situation. Certain seasons of the year could have a hand in aggravating the symptoms of eczema. Besides keeping your skin moisturized and avoiding the triggers, you should also be careful with your diet if you have eczema, some foods were proven to reduce inflammation, improve the skin ability to repair itself and have no side effect that could aggravate the symptoms, here’s a list of them.

1- Banana.

Banana provide the body with magnesium, potassium and vitamin C which all help to improve skin repair, reduce itchiness and irritation and maintain the moisture within the skin layers.

2- Yogurt.

Yogurt is a source of probiotics which is a source of live friendly bacteria that when applied locally helps to prevent infections of the affected area, studies also proved that including yogurt in your diet can help to reduce the symptoms eczema.

3- Fish and Nuts.

Foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids are very helpful to repair and moisturize the skin as well as keeping inflammation levels at the minimum; these foods include hemp seeds, salmon, sardines, nuts and flaxseeds.

4- Spring Onion.

Spring online is known to provide too many health benefits for the body, it is rich in vitamin K which is needed for healthy skin and it was proven to reduce histamine levels and being down inflammation all that beside its content of powerful antioxidants that ensure a healthy skin.

5- Chamomile.

Chamomile tea helps to reduce inflammation and histamine response, it also relaxes the nerves and hydrates the skin, however try drinking a little of it first then increase gradually to see if you develop any allergic reaction. Cooled Chamomile concoction can also be used locally to sooth irritation and itchiness.

6- Dietary Supplements.

In the average lifestyle we all tend to have nowadays, we all seem to not get enough nutrients through our diet, supplements that provide omega-3,6 and 9 as well as GlA and vitamins A,E,C and D help to promote healthy skin that repairs itself more efficiently. These supplements also help to increase the production of collagen and reduce it breaking down. GlA plays and important role in the formation of lipid in our bodies.

7- Potatoes.

Potatoes are rich in vitamin C, B and potassium which are all alkalizing properties that can make the symptoms of eczema less harsh.

Foods To Eat To Reduce Symptoms Of Eczema.

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