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Foods that can relieve headache naturally

As we all suffer from headache, we know how it is so terrible. When we are suffering from headache, this feeling makes us unable to do anything. The pain will make us go through the worst time ever. Then, our first action is to run to our pills to relieve the pain. But, here are some natural solutions that may naturally help you in relieving a terrible headache.

1. Baked potatoes:
Dehydration of your body may be the cause for headache because dehydration results in loss of some necessary elements in your body like potassium. So, try to eat foods that are rich in potassium like baked potatoes which contains about 270 mg of potassium.

2. Watermelon:
Watermelon is rich in water so it can help to hydrate the body and may ease headache as a result. Moreover, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables contain other important elements like magnesium which is a great remedy for headache.

3. Coffee:
We all drink coffee to relieve our headache without knowing how it works. The secret is that a lot of headache pills contain caffeine. So, drinking a cup of coffee that contains caffeine will help much to relieve your pain. But, make sure that you do not take more in order to avoid dehydration caused by increasing amount of urine.

4. Yoghurt:
Sometimes we have a headache because our bodies need calcium to function efficiently. In this case we advise you to include foods rich in calcium in your diet. Greek yoghurt will be the best choice as it is rich in calcium and it has very little amount of fat and carbs.

5. Spinach:
Replace the lettuce in your salad with spinach. It has been proven that spinach helps to reduce blood pressure and therefore it will relieve headache.

Foods that can relieve headache naturally

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