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Foods You Are recommended To Avoid Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Nutrition experts advice those who are trying to lose weight to stay away from certain types of foods like potato, eggs and dairy products thinking that these types of foods carry potential harm for their health, however new studies published by “Daily Mail” journal will change our old concepts about what foods are healthy and what is not.

Scott Harding Professor of Nutritional Sciences at King’s College London have made, re-evaluation of the dour food known as having adverse effects on health, and to discuss the old researches and current data to prove that the eggs, fatty foods, potatoes, dairy products, nuts, are not considered “unhealthy.”
The following are the four foods and the potential health benefits that made Harding insist on adding them to the healthy diet plans again.

– Egg.

Egg was considered harmful for the health of the heart and arteries as one large egg contain 185 mg of cholesterol however recent studies proved that consuming reasonable amounts of cholesterol have a very minor impact on the health which changed the old concept and returned egg again on the list of healthy foods due to its content of healthy fats, vitamins and protein.

– Potato.

Potato is considered fattening food due to its high content of carbohydrates hence it should be avoided, however potato is a source of very important nutrients like minerals, vitamin C, B and potassium which makes it very healthy for the body and a good energy booster.

Nuts .

Nuts, some believed that you need to avoid them if you wish to reduce weight, but recent research has shown that eating raw nuts is very important for proper nutrition as it reduces the risks of heart disease and stroke, as well as the nuts contain protein and healthy fats, dietary fiber and micronutrients.

– Dairy Products.

Dairy products are no longer consumed like before because of the conflicting opinions about their effect on one’s health however the body needs the calcium, protein and nutrients found in dairy products but make sure to be aware that most dairy products contain saturated fats which makes them fattening so moderation is required.

Foods You Are recommended To Avoid Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

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