Five Foods That Don’t Need Refrigerating

Your refrigerator is always overflowing and messed up, you don’t know what items belong in there and what don’t? If you want to make some space and make it look tidy and always clean then take off the items that can do just fine out of the fridge, the following is a list of food items that can be kept out of the fridge with no harm so read on.

1- Potatoes : Potatoes can be preserved in a regular paper bag in a dark spot of your home, say a drawer or a cupboard, in fact this is the best way to store potatoes, the starch in potatoes when kept in very low temperatures like that in the fridge turn into sugar which can change the flavor of the potato, the same goes for sweet potato as well.

2- Honey : Honey can turn into crystalized chunks and very hard to deal with if stored in the fridge, keep honey in the room temperature and away from direct sunlight.

3- Apples : Although apples can keep for really long time in the fridge, but they actually lose their flavor if kept in the fridge, just keep them on your counter and use within three to four days of buying them.

4- Onions : The best way to store onions is just like potatoes, in a paper bag in a cool, dry and dark place, when onion store in the fridge they get wet and impart an unpleasant scent to the other foods in the fridge.

5- Banana : Banana catch more humidity and get brown faster when stored in the fridge just keep them on the counter and if they turned brown then store them in the freezer to use for banana bread or other deserts that involve ripe banana.
Foods That Don't Need Refrigerating

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