Three Foods That Make You Stink For Days

What you eat have a direct effect on how you smell, not only your breath, but also your body’s Odor, mainly foods that are rich in sulfur compounds are the reason behind a stinking body odor, asparagus, garlic, cumin and red meats, and the whole thing goes back to how your body metabolise this compound, we are not saying to avoid those foods because sulfur is very beneficial for the health in many aspects, however if you don’t want to stink then eat those foods in moderation and well cooked.

1- Red Meats.

In a 2006 study made by the Czech Republic, a group of meat eating men and vegetarian men were collected, a group of women were asked to identify the ones with the foulest smell, the meat eaters were picked to have a foul body odor, an easy way to get rid of the unpleasant body odor caused by red meat is to either cut it off of your diet completely or replace it with seafood, chicken and vegetarian dinners.

2- Curry And Cumin.

The joy that comes with eating a lovely Curry dish is not worth the stench that will longer in your body pores for days and days, the aromas of curry, cumin and specially when mixed with onion and garlic can find a home in your skin for long time, so instead of having too much curry and cumin, try fresh spices like ginger and cardamon which permeates the body in short time and leave a refreshing aroma.

3- Garlic.

Garlic contain two sulfur compounds called allicin and allin, which both get released when the garlic is crushed or cut, both compounds convert to other substances quickly after cooking or consuming, which causes the bacteria to mix with your sweat causing an unpleasant body odor.
Foods That Make You Stink For Days

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