Three Foods That Make You Sleepy And Tired

Forget about turkey, warm milk and candies, those foods may be the reason you are unable to go through the day with high energy levels and can’t wait to get to bed.

1- Yogurt And Dairy.

Unfortunately, this is true, yogurt and dairy can be the reason behind your fatigue, you may have developed protein intolerance although you may have digested them just fine when you were younger, sleepiness and fatigue is the two main symptoms for protein in Dairy (casein and whey) intolerance, how it works is that, your body starts developing a mistakingly immunological reaction against the protein in Dairy which makes it too busy creating thousands of antibodies to metabolise it, the thing that makes you feel tired and longing to sleep, you will feel much better off Dairy in this case.

2- Bananas And Nuts.

The reasons people are advices to eat banana to relieve muscles cramps is that, banana is rich in magnesium, a mineral that is known to relax the muscles cells, another rich source of magnesium is nuts and partiqualrly almonds and cashews, you can eat those if you want to sleep but can’t , the dosage that may make someone tired though varies from person to person.

3- Last Night’s Late Dinner.

Sometimes super busy days result in late dinner right before you get to bed, and while some foods can help you relax and drift in a deep relaxing sleep, some foods can keep you tossing and turning all night which make you exhausted and lacking energy the following day, among those foods are acidic foods like Dairy, red meat, spicy foods and eggs, if those foods are eaten two hours or less before going to sleep, they will stay in your stomach resulting in annoying gastroesophageal reflux that will trouble your sleep throughout the night.
Foods That Make You Sleepy And Tired

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