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Five Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain

Five Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain.

We all know that cookies, candies and high fat foods lead to weight gain, but who would have imagined that foods that seem healthy like granola with yogurt or fresh juices can also lead to weight gain because they are high in calories? Check out below the following surprising foods that lead to weight gain.

1- Diet Soda.

Even sodas that are artificially sweetened or those naturally sweetened with Stevia or Erythritol can also lead to weight gain. Studies showed that when we eat or drink something that tastes sweet, our bodies expect calories, but when there are just a few calories presented then the brain react by slowing down metabolism and sensitivity to insulin which lead to fat storage and in return weight gain.

2- Low Fat Foods.

When people know that the food they are eating is low in fat, they tend to eat more by even 30% which was proven by several clinical studies, disregarding that that low fat version of your favorite food could be containing more calories, so you just notice yourself slowly outing on weight.

3- Fruit Juices.

Fruit Juices are perceived to be something healthy to snack on or to take more vitamins and nutrients, however the excess sugar levels in fruit juices and low fiber content lead to eight gain as well as diabetes and increased blood pressure.

4- Granola.

It is healthy when you eat oats, nuts and seeds, but when they are soaked in honey, oil amd sugar they become high in calories despite the high nutritional value in granola, so limit your consumption of it or instead make oats borage.

5- Sushi.

The vegetables and fish in sushi are healthy but when they are rolled in fried dough or covered with creamy sauces and rolled in white rice, sushi goes immediately in the restrictions list, one roll can contain 500 calories easily.

Foods That Seem Healthy That Cause Quick Weight Gain

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