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Foods that become harmful when reheated

Housewives often tend to re-heat the food that remains from the previous day. Or in other cases some women are used to cook in advance and then they reheat the food in the following day. This habit is not healthy and it causes a lot of problems.

Of course, heated foods lose a lot of their nutritional benefits. On the other hand, some kinds of foods became harmful and poisonous when reheated again. What are these foods? Here is the answer in the following lines.

*Celery, beetroot and spinach: heating these foods lead to make them harmful and poisonous. What is more is that reheating them again make them produce carcinoger and dangerous elements. So, it’s preferable not to reheat it once more.

*Eggs: heating eggs does not only make them lose proteins, but also it makes eggs poisonous, and may cause damage to your intestines.

*Potatoes: heating potatoes leads to the spreading of the bacteria of the rare type which leads to poisoning when reheated too.

*Mushrooms: re-heating mushrooms leads to change of the components of proteins. Thus, they will lose their health benefits and will cause problems for the digestive tract. So, it’s preferable to eat it the same day which was cooked in it, otherwise it will be very harmful.

*Chickens: Eating chicken after one or two days of cooking them is very dangerous. The reason is that the formation of the proteins will change causing digestive problems. Thus, it’s better to cook small amount of chicken until you can eat the whole amount so that you will not be obliged to re-heat it or otherwise you can eat it cold to avoid health problems.

Foods that become harmful when reheated

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