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Foods If You Freeze They Get Ruined

Many of us tend to have a freezer or two over-flowing with foods, we all tend to buy extra and freeze whatever left. If you are freezing healthy foods like fruits and vegetables then I guess that’s ok, you can always come back and use them whenever you want. Frozen fruits and vegetables are still as healthy as their fresh counterparts. However the freezing convenience doesn’t apply to everything you buy at your grocery store, some foods can be ruined if frozen so be aware not to freeze the following foods again.

1- Yogurt.

It can be very tempting to stock up on yogurt when it is on sale; however it is better to only buy what you can eat before the expiry date. When yogurt or sour cream get frozen and thawed they get grainy and their lose their creamy texture, in short the yogurt will separate and won’t be interesting anymore, you will have to through it, so don’t freeze yogurt anymore.

2- Coffee.

Coffee lovers may be attempted to store their favorite batch for as long as possible, but the freezer is not the right place to store your favorite coffee beans. The temperature in your freezer fluctuates Every time the door gets opened and that fluctuation in the temperature will change the texture and aroma of your coffee beans so they won’t be as interesting anymore. In addition coffee is porous they catch on the smell and flavor of whatever foods stored nearby which is definitely not what you want to wake up to.

3- Mayonnaise.

not many of us think it is wise to freeze a jar of Mayonnaise, however if the idea ever crossed your head to store Mayonnaise or even Mayonnaise -based salad dressings in the freezer then don’t do it otherwise you will be left with an oily clumpy mess that can’t be served to no one.

4- Fried Foods.

We always enjoy fried foods whenever we are sad or need to eat something to change the mood, so it is tempting to keep some fried chicken or cheese stored up in the freezer for such moments, however when you freeze dried foods, the crunchy layer of bread that you enjoy so much becomes soggy and oily, no amount of time in the oven can fix that again.

5- Jam Sandwiches.

If you have children and lacking time you may think it could be wise to stash your freezer with already-made pb&j sandwiches, but don’t do it. When you take the sandwich out of the freezer and by you get it thawed the jam would have been soaked into the bread already and made it a wet, sticky mess it takes no more than seconds to make a fresh one and I promise you it is worth the hassle.

Foods If You Freeze They Get Ruined

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