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Three Foods Every New Mom Must Eat Regularly

Having a new baby is a wonderful and joyous experience for any woman, however every woman right after she gives birth to her baby she starts thinking how to lose all the weight she gained during pregnancy, some women put all their focus on losing weight and neglecting that they should be eating a balanced healthy diet to support the new baby and provide him/her with the needed nutrients through breast milk to build their bodies, so finding the right balance is very important, below are some examples of foods that every new mom must be eating regularly for both, getting rid of the excess weight and supporting the new baby’s body.

1- Salmon.

Salmon is just like other Fatty types of fish, it is rich with omega-3 Fatty Acids that are very good for the health in general, Omega-3 Fatty Acids are also believed to make the baby more intelligent so consuming more of it during pregnancy and breast feeding can benefit your new born to a big extent, also salmon was found to contain other type of fats called DHA, DHA is only produced in the breast milk in very small amounts, if the mother increase her consumption of it, the levels will increase in the breast milk, DHA is known to benefit the new born’s nervous system so much, so go on and eat salmon at least twice a weak, salmon can also help you lose weight if cooked the right way.

2- Lean Beef.

Beside eating salmon, also try to incorporate low fat, grass fed lean beef in your weekly diet about two times a week, lean beef is a good source of vitamin B12, iron and proteins, vitamin B12 supports your baby’s nervous system and cognitive development, iron Protects your baby from anemia and ensure a healthy blood circulation while protein helps building up your baby’s body.

3- Leafy Greens And Fruits.

Leafy greens are super rich with essential vitamins your new baby needs to build his/her immune system properly, fruits too contain high levels of vitamin, minerals and fiber, but most importantly the level of fluids in fruits are high and it is provided in a jell like form, which makes your body Hydrated for long time, being Hydrated is very important in the production process of breast milk.
Foods Every New Mom Must Eat Regularly

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